Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jim David on Adam Lambert

I am not a regular watcher of shows like American Idol. But a friend pointed me toward a You Tube video of Adam Lambert singing. Subsequently I watched every one of Lambert's Idol videos and tuned in to last week's show. Last night I autotuned to the channel for the start of the American Idol finale. Unlike some people who felt the show was over-the-top for glitz, I was enthralled with all of it. Production numbers were spectacular although Rod Stewart singing Maggie seemed incredibly inappropriate given his age (of course) and his failing pipes.

Although I like to think better of the American public, I have to agree with most of what Jim David writes in this Huffington Post article: Adam Lambert Loses.

Lambert's mantra now should be: "Don't cry for me, Americanpublic!" I predict superstardom for him!


Barbara said...

What a shame he didn't win. I heard him sing and was blown away!

Kate said...

I got affirmation tonight from someone I know who said "Lambert by far had the better voice but I did not vote for him because he's too gay."

Kate said...

Insanity reigns!