Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lunch at 3 Square

I have started my summer adventure by driving to Southern California. After three days with my son and his family in Redondo Beach, I moved into a loft near the beach in Venice. I explored my neighborhood a bit today and discovered a wonderful East Asian shop with whimsical clothing and unusual jewelry. The real find emerged as I sought something interesting to eat mid-day. 3 Square Restaurant offered a tantalizing menu from which I chose two starters for my lunch: avocado fries served with a tangy chipolte sauce and gazpacho with olive and rosemary encrusted toast I chose to drink iced water with lemon and I left the restaurant completely satisfied with my choices. Several other items on the menu intrigued me, so when my friend Allyson arrives on Thursday I will persuade her to try lunch or perhaps dinner there one day or evening.

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