Thursday, April 17, 2008

My dear friend Allyson

Allyson traveled with me as I moved from the DC area to Arizona last June. One of my dearest friends. We reconnected after several years and spent many great weekends together: in DC, in Boston, in New York City, to name a few places. This morning I was wakened by a disturbing phone call from Allyson's sister-in-law Joyce. Allyson introduced us when I moved here because Joyce lives in Flagstaff. Joyce and I have opera ticket together and tonight we will attend La Traviata, so I assumed she was calling about dinner plans. But ......... no......... Allyson lies in the ICU at Massachusetts' General Hospital in a coma. She was discovered unconscious in her condo on Tuesday and rushed to the hospital where she remains today. Her daughter flew in from North Carolina to be with her and updates family and friends through an amazing website the hospital sponsors for family and friends of patients.

I am shocked, worried and frightened about Allyson and her family as she fights for her life. To be so far away and not be able to see her or "spell" her daughter Katie at Allyson's bedside is the one of the most frustrating situations I have been faced with for a very long time.

Please keep Allyson and her family in your prayers.

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Barbara said...

This sort of thing reminds us that we are in the end game of life. It's still a shock. Hope your friend pulls through.