Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barbara's Post 2/18

reminded me of something I recently did.

In 1968 the local supermarket in Madison WI was featuring flatware with weekly specials. Since I was getting married in early 1969 I showed the pattern to my then-fiance Frank who agreed it was perfect for us. I recruited my mother, her friends, and my friends to buy the weekly special on the flatware until I had accumulated place settings for 8, plus iced teaspoons and serving pieces. In the past 40 years many pieces have gone into the flatware black hole never to be seen again. As I was unpacking my kitchen boxes after my most recent move, I realized that I was missing 5 salad forks, 1 dinner fork, 1 iced teaspoon, and 2 teaspoons. For some reason the black hole does not suck up knives and soup spoons. I decided right then to search out a place where I might complete my set of flatware.

My goddess, I love the internet & Google search engine! Sure enough, replacements limited had my Danika stainless. I ordered the pieces I needed and they came within a week.

Too bad one cannot do that with shoes, Barbara!


Barbara said...

Hope springs eternal! I finally found the black shoes via the Internet and they are on their way to me (at a savings of $25)!

Glad you were able to fill in the missing flatware.

bob said...

A fork over the internet. Who would have thunk it?