Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post surgery

I went for my post-op appointment with the ophthalmologist today. He checked his "work" which was lens replacement in my left eye. He pronounced me healthy and healing. My response was: "But I can't read with my old glasses, so I will need a new RX." His response: "Go to Walgreen's and buy reading glasses."

I was shocked! My last two pair of glasses: 1 regular pair, 1 sunglass pair totaled close to $450! Now he says I can buy a pair of reading glasses at the drugstore for about $5! Not only that but his optician told me to go to Costco where I can buy a set of 4 or 5 pairs for about $20 total, in various colors if I wish.

What freedom!

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Barbara said...

Sounds like a roaring success! I've always loved those brightly colored glasses. Hope that's the end of the cataracts.