Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cousins' Reunion

It all started with Ellen...........she is retired and traveling a lot.

Actually it started with M.E. and Nellie (Harrington) O'Brien. The O'Brien clan started in Houghton-Hancock, MI then migrated to Detroit: with 5 sisters and a brother. All married and produced offspring....to the tune of 30 plus first cousins.

Ellen decided to take a nostalgic trip to the Midwest, visiting her Michigan cousins and then on to Madison, WI, where she lived for many years. Cousin Mary decided to contact me to see whether I could join them in MI.

Ellen, now in China for 3 weeks, has no idea what she started. Cousins are coming out of the woodwork....from Los Gatos, CA, via NC, from FLA (we hope) and from all around the lower peninsula........and me.....from Virginia.

It will be grand and glorious and fun, with lots of laughs and lots of booze (no doubt since we are Irish of course!)

I can't wait to hear Ellen's reaction to what she precipitated with her adventure to recover her roots!

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Barbara said...

Family gatherings are always so illuminating. This is where the real family secrets come to light. You should take a lot of pictures and make sure someone records all the collective genealogy, unless that's already been done. I had a blast 4 years ago when I went to Norway to a family reunion and had to be interviewed in Norwegian.