Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ain't life grand?

Although I am excited about moving to Arizona late this spring, the idea of summer there is daunting. Since my actual move will be sometime in early June, I will need a good six weeks to settle into my new home. So I will suffer through July there. But........come August I can be found in Marina del Rey, CA............close to the beach and my grandchildren who will be a few miles down the Coast Highway! Tonight I contracted to rent this beach cottage in Marina del Rey.
It is a small studio.........

but with a charming extension of a lovely garden patio.

Next year I plan to travel to New Zealand and Australia during Arizona's vile heat but this year.........the beach in Marina del Rey.......Cloud Nine is very close to my feet right now

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Barbara said...

Looks quite inviting. I can just see little feet running around that garden.