Saturday, December 16, 2006

Today I baked

and baked and baked.

First, two bar cookies: English Matrimonials, basically an oatmeal/brown sugar concoction on top & bottom with a filling of currant jelly. Magic Cookie Bars were next -- layering butter, graham cracker crumbs, chopped pecans, chocolate chips, coconut........drizzled over with sweetened condensed milk. Next came two batches of oatmeal/chocolate chip/raisin cookies. Finally I made lemon bars which are always a favorite. Tomorrow is sugar cookies, cut out and frosted. Those I really take time with, so wanted to do them separately. About a third of the cookies go to work with me on Thursday which is secret santa day. The rest will travel in my suitcase for the family. I am so glad my grandson can now eat flour -- he was gluten intolerant until the middle of this year. My daughter-in-law however will not be able to indulge since she suffers from that "affliction." And I will avoid the cookies with nuts but family and guests (and my coworkers) will have a feast.

Hope your day was spent as happily as mine.

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Barbara said...

I'm always impressed with someone who is willing to bake so many different kinds of cookies! I'm sure they will all be yummy. Happy holidays!