Saturday, January 01, 2011

1 January 2011

Spectacular day. Crisply cold with brilliant sunshine. Excellent meal of homemade cornbread, ham steak and Waldorf salad. Discovery: Christmas gifts.

I had packed my received books in a cloth bag within my suitcase. However, I took the bag out and put it in my closet when I emptied the suitcase. Today I remembered them. Seemed like Christmas all over again. From my children and grandchildren:
1) beautiful frame with pictures of Atticus and Esme (both smiling and Esme in a dress!)
2) subscription to tricycle and sandstone Buddha with display tray
3) two best-seller novels
4) Hangar One vodka and a universal tool to put on my key chain
5) turquoise dangle/dangle/dangle earrings and chic bracelet
6) electric chopper for veggies & other foodstuffs
7) perfume
8) flavored coffees

and from my friend Allyson a beautiful gray blue & rose pashmina

So great to "re-open" these.

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