Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Summer away from Arizona

I started my summer away from Arizona with 2 1/2 weeks in Michigan. It was sublime: first, time with my friend Bonnie at her son's home (he is in Iraq) on a beautiful lake. Her company and time on the lake were very relaxing. I then drove to visit cousins in the Detroit area: Mary in Saginaw where I met many of her wonderful friends, Grosse Pointe and a small reunion with cousins and time with my lovely cousin Anne and her husband Ed, finally a couple of days with Julie and her husband Mark.......all in all delightful!

July found me in Boston with my dear friend Allyson. Three weeks there where I met many of her friends in the North End, as well as a couple of days in Maine where she met my friend Holly. Great weather for the most part but as Boston became muggy and hot (it was July after all!), I headed to California.

This is my third August in California. My rental in Marina del Rey in 2007 had a great location but the unit had no cross ventilation which was annoying at best. Last year the location was good except the beach was not so close. However I did discover the wonders of Abbott Kinney with my now favorite restaurant Primitivo. The unit offered not only cross ventilation but a nice deck for morning coffee. This year I have not been so lucky. The unit I rented is very very small. It's location is good, closish to the beach and restaurants, but parking is on the street which means moving each Monday and Tuesday which is annoying and the laundry facilities are within the complex but I have to pay extra.

I am already scoping out locations for next year. The price must be right but it must include parking and laundry so I will take my time.

I know you are wondering why I am complaining since I do not have to be in blazing Arizona and I have the luxury of being retired so I can travel, but I am still searching for the perfect location to rent next summer in California.


Barbara said...

Sounds like a delightful way to escape the Arizona heat!

Anonymous said...

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