Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wishing My Life Away

Am wishing I were starting my summer sojourn away from Arizona.

Lazily laying back in the boat on Lake Williams.

Talking and laughing and remembering with my cousins in Detroit.

Hugging my grandchildren for the first of many times this summer and celebrating my granddaughter's 4th birthday (albeit a few days prior to that actual day).

Reconnecting with one of my best friends in Boston, perhaps taking a tour of the tall ships. Driving through New England to spend some time with another friend in Maine.

Flying back to California for the month of August in a beach house in Venice.

My bags are not packed, but

1) the posse has been notified of my absence from my home;
2) my hair appointment for summer "do" is tomorrow;
3) prep for leaving my house during the hot hot months is underway;
4) refrigerator is nearly emptied except for what I will need the next week;
5) clothes are ironed and sorted according to temperature wherever I will be.

Perhaps "Calgon" can take me away for a few hours at least.


Barbara said...

Sounds like fun! You are so organized.

Kate said...

With 110+F temperatures for 3 months, my planning for June-Sept is literally vital!