Thursday, April 16, 2009

Property Taxes

I received a letter yesterday from my mortgage company stating that they had attempted to pay the second half of my property taxes from my escrow account. What they discovered was that the taxes were paid in full. Question was: Had I paid the taxes myself? I searched my bank accounts on line to determine whether I had paid anything to Maricopa County October to date. Nothing! A call to the mortgage company indicated they had paid the first half in October, the second half being due in March. A call to Maricopa County Treasurer determined that I had paid by e-check the full amount due in late September 2008.

I am so anal that when a bill comes in I pay it! In September 2008 I was not thinking escrow account, I was thinking about my recent adventure in New Zealand.

The good news:

My mortgage company will refund me the amount I paid in September--just in time for my many travels this summer!

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