Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Best April Fool Joke

One April first I sent the following letter to the directors of the program in which I was associate director:

April 1, 1990

Albert P. Williams, Ph.D.
Sheldon Greenfield, M.D.

Dear Al and Shelly:

It is with deep regret that I tender my resignation as associate director of the Pew program. I have given this long and hard consideration and believe that I must move on to something more suitable for me.

Thanking you in advance for your support as I make this change.



I shared a suite with Al, so I went to work early and left the letter which I had typed on the seat of his chair, then went into my office and closed the door. When Al came in, I heard him go into his office then come out and apparently show the letter to his secretary saying, "Did you know about this?" She denied knowing anything (I had not told her what I was doing). Then he said: "As soon as Shelly arrives tell him to come in to see me." About 15 minutes later I heard Shelly arrive. Ten minutes after that Al's secretary knocked on my door to say that Shelly and Al wanted to see me in Al's office. I put on my best poker face and went to meet with them. They were all serious and had worried looks on their faces. "Kate, we are both very upset by your letter. Is there anything we can do to persuade you to stay?" Me: "I don't think so, gentlemen. I have made up my mind." Shelly: "Did you get another job offer?" Me: "Not really." Al: "Then why would you leave the program? You are really needed here." Me: quiet for a bit.......then "Did you guys look at the date on the letter?" Silence......Al kept looking at it as Shelly went to glance at it again. Finally Shelly started laughing and said: "Al. The date is April 1." "This is a joke?" asked Al. "Gotcha!" said I.

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Washington Cube said...

What a great "gotcha." I don't think I've ever attempted an April Fool's joke before, now reflecting on it.