Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ethnic Food Restaurants

One of the things I miss most about no longer living in Washington, DC, involves food. I am a pretty good cook but sometimes I like to eat at a restaurant. Where I live I can find Italian, good Mexican, seafood (if you can call "Red Lobster" seafood), excellent Mexican, standard American fare, bad Mexican and the assortment of fast food burger, chicken and fish restaurants found everywhere. But Indian (east, that is), Thai, Japanese, Mongolian, even good Chinese remain non-existent or elusive at best. Today I ventured into a local Chinese restaurant I happened to drive by with the hope that it was at least tasty. Imagine my surprise when I checked the menu and there were 14 different lunches available: everything from Szechwan chicken to sweet and sour pork. No duck, no lettuce leaves, but for $3.65 I got: egg drop soup with wanton chips, a vegetarian egg roll, orange chicken with slices of onion and green pepper, a fried wanton with beef in it, fried rice and hot tea! It was all delicious, hot and fresh, albeit nothing very exotic. This meal satisfied my craving for Chinese food until I get to NYC in early May, Boston in July, and the LA area for the month of August. Not the best Chinese food I have ever had but the price, the freshness and the illusion of something more exotic than burgers or enchiladas temporarily satisfied my craving.

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