Friday, January 16, 2009

Dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes

This advice comes from several friends in Washington, DC. The temperature range in Arizona for next week is 45-73 F, whereas DC anticipates a range of 25-42 F.

I leave early Sunday to spend 6 nights and five days in my old haunts staying with friends on Capitol Hill. I will fly through O'Hare to National airport then Metro to Eastern Market. Hundreds of thousands may have already arrived by the time I get there but I will be patient and pretend it is rush hour the entire time I am there.

I have no tickets for any events but it matters not since I could hardly miss this historic event. I did sign up for the service day on Monday, January 19. Luckily one group has planned a clean up of the Eastern Market metro stop park. The event coordinator instructions include I think it's too cold to do any major just bring warm gloves, some extra trash bags, and, if you're willing, some warm cider or such to share...or maybe we can all just go to Tunicliff's afterwards (I think we can get a lot done in an hour!) and warm up!

I have plans for lunch with my former colleagues at NCB in Crystal City and with my friends Barbara and her husband David in Dupont Circle. There will be lots of catching up on one another's lives.

I am excited to be returning to a place I called home for many years to a city I loved living in, but most of all to be witnessing such an historic event. On January 20, 2009 Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States!


Barbara said...

Yes, it's freezing here, so bring warm clothes. Can't wait to see you!

Jack said...

Watched it all on TV! Must have been an amazing atmosphere. Where on the Mall were you?

thorn said...

How was it???

Kate said...

Will write all about it when I get home this weekend. I was awed by it all and I wept.