Monday, December 01, 2008

National Security

I am delighted with President-elect Obama's selections for his national security staff. I watched CNN this morning to see him present them to us in front of a group of reporters. As promising and formidable as his choices are, his handling of questions from the press showed signs of his dexterity with words as well as his humor. I grow more proud to be his supporter each day.

When a reporter asked Obama when he had decided on Clinton, what were the negotiations involved in asking her and how was he resolving their rancor during the pre-election battles Obama smiled broadly and said: "Clinton and the other members of the national security team would not have agreed to join my administration -- and I would not have asked them to be part of this administration -- unless we shared a core vision of what's needed to keep the American people safe and to assure prosperity here at home and peace abroad."

Obama said there was not a 'light bulb moment' when he decided to ask Clinton to be his secretary of state but would not reveal details on the talks that led up to him asking his former rival to join his team.

"I have always admired Sen. Clinton. We have worked together extensively in the Senate," Obama said.

"After the election was over and I began to think about my team, it occurred to me that she could potentially be an outstanding secretary of state," he said. "I extended her the offer, and she accepted. I know that's not as juicy a story as you were hoping for, but that's all you are going to get."

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Barbara said...

He is so smart. It's almost as if his choice has healed what might be left of the election wound. I feel good knowing this man will be running my country and relying on such good people to help him.