Sunday, November 23, 2008


Several years ago I "gave" the holidays to my daughter-in-law, Allison: Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was much easier for us to travel to California where the kids were than for them to schlepp across country. I sent them all my Christmas decorations and 10 foot tree. This past August Allison suggested they come to me for Thanksgiving since she has cousins in Goodyear whom she has not seen in a while and my kids have not seen my house since I moved to Arizona. This sounded good to me and my older son agreed to come as well.

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving preparation week. Fourteen people will be present to help us celebrate this holiday and I am excited, albeit nervous, about getting everything done the way I like it. My dining room table holds 8 comfortably and 10 squeezed, so I rented a 60" round table so that people will not be elbow to elbow while they partake of the feast. Originally I thought to put the 5 children at the round table but Esme is 3 1/2 and may need some attention, while Jonathan is 15 and may feel being relegated to the "kids" table beneath him. I configured the seating so that there is a good mix of men, women and children at each table. Place cards will cement that arrangement I hope, although there may be some shuffling as people are seated. (BTW: We will have 2 Jonathans: 15 and 38; 2 Jacks: 10 and 70ish; 2 Allisons: approximately the same age but names spelled differently: Allison and Alison. So conversation throughout the room may be confusing.

I have made lists galore, as is my wont, and highlighted some recipes I will use with paper clips in my cookbook. Gluten-sensitivity found me at Whole Foods yesterday for gluten-free bread cubes and pie crusts and the turkey has been ordered from Sprouts to be picked up Tuesday where I bought gluten-free flour for gravy making. Today I will shop for all the other items necessary for baking three pies: pumpkin, Pennsylvania Dutch apple, and pecan. Additionally I will purchase all non-perishable items leaving fresh vegetables until a Tuesday spree.

I spend a lot of time preparing for Thanksgiving because I find it one of the most special holidays we celebrate. And this year with family and friends it will be very, very special.

Hope your holiday is as enjoyable as I am certain mine will be.

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Barbara said...

It sounds like a feast in the making! I'm so happy your family is descending on you!