Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bakery

Today my house becomes a bakery.

My cousin Ellen's recipe for pumpkin pie made with bourbon.

Pennsylvania Dutch apple pie, a recipe brown with age since I can't remember how long I have had it in my recipe box.

Pecan pie because I recently learned I can eat nuts again and have missed the taste so much.

The pumpkin and apple pies will be in gluten-free crusts so my daughter-in-law can taste them; the pecan pie will not since she does not tolerate nuts well.

In addition, my friend Pat is bringing a chocolate cream pie also in gluten-free crust.

The house smells wonderful this morning.


beanblossom said...

Nuts are fine; it's the accompanying anaphylactic shock that bugs. ;)

Thanks for all the gluten-free goodies!


thorn said...

Have a grand thanksgiving!!!