Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friends and Politics

I have restrained myself and refrained from sending to my die-hard conservative friends any and all political chatter that I get in my email. I have one friend who used to send me stuff daily or sometimes many times a day touting McCain and slamming Obama. [When will "spell check" recognize "Obama" as a correctly spelled word? Perhaps on November 5?]
But I digress.......I finally asked him and several others not to inundate me with this propaganda after responding repeatedly with detailed challenges to the untruths within their emails to me.

Today was the last straw: I responded to this one man with the following comment (and I copied all he had sent the message to): "I don't send you obfuscations about McCain, please afford me the same courtesy."

Hopefully Tuesday will end all this nonsense and we can go back to being friends who neither discuss politics nor religion: sort of like the relationship I have with my brother.

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