Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and The City

The movie....not the experience. Many women I know hated the tv show but I loved it. I thought the women were smart, funny, and real. Of course, not many women I know can spend $400+ on shoes (even one pair, let alone a closet full), but that aside many tough relationship issues were explored throughout the series. This morning I sat in a new theater (opened last week) with about 100 other women and a few men to watch the first showing of the movie in our area. I loved it--it was hokey and somewhat predictable but if you are a fashionista (which I am not) you will love the endless wardrobe changes.

Sunday I will watch Harrison Ford (isn't he too old to be Indiana Jones?) because I love the character and all the mishagas that goes on in these films.


what liz said said...

I'm seeing SATC tomorrow night at Regal in Chinatown. I'm so glad it seems to be delivering. :)

Kate said...

Enjoy! And thanks for "stopping by and commenting."