Friday, April 25, 2008

How will you save or spend your "rebate"?

Economic stimulus?
I am so excited about the money the US government is sending me. Let me count the ways it can be spent: gas for the car? food? drink? entertainment? Or....... should I add the $300 or $600 (since I received two different notices about it, each stating a different amount) to my savings account which is earning about 2% interest? Perhaps the money would be better spent as a charitable contribution for those who have no car, so gas money is not a problem, but bus transportation may be. Or perhaps to Hillary whose campaign coffers are at a low ebb? What I would like to do is send it back with a request that it be put toward lowering the national debt, but I fear that it would just be used to continue the war in Iraq. Whatever I choose to do with it, I already resent receiving it.

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