Thursday, August 09, 2007

A vacation from retirement

Last Sunday I drove from Sun City West to Redondo Beach, CA to visit with my family before I headed to my beach rental in Marina del Rey.

I have spent the past couple of days reacquainting myself with this quaint area which I knew so well when my children were growing up. The studio I have rented is small but well-equipped and charming in its own right. Its proximity to the beach (1 block to the sand) and the multiple restaurants for dining make it an ideal location to soak up the waves and a bit of sun. Each morning I walk for an hour along here then head for the local Starbucks for my skinny latte that I take to the pier where I sip and watch the early morning surfers.

I return to my "digs" where I change into bathing suit & SPF30, then back to the beach for an hour or two. I body surf and relax until I am hungry for lunch. After a shower and fresh clothes I stroll lower Washington Boulevard to choose a place for lunch.
As you can see there are many choices with a delicious variety of menus: sushi, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Mexican........I will be here for a month so that I can try each one of them.

During the next few weeks I have plans to reunite with many friends and former coworkers from when we lived here for 20 years until 1994.

Retirement is grand but putting my home together in Sun City West was a lot of work. This is my vacation from that and a bit of a respite from the intense heat of Arizona.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like a well-deserved real vacation!