Thursday, June 14, 2007

My friend Barbara has a dilemma with retirement

So far I do not have her dilemma since I actually moved with my retirement. There are books to shelve, pictures to hang and nooks and crannies and closets and shelves I haven't had in 13 years to harbor all my belongings. This process will take a while. In the meantime I have planned a trip over the 4th through the 11th of July to visit my grandchildren and celebrate Esme's second birthday. Then back to my new home to make more arrangements of furniture and shelves. A new sofa will arrive the week of June 24 and I will leave the living room arrangements until it is placed. August 6 will find me back in California for a month in a studio cottage in Marina del Rey. More time with the family and a reunion with the Pacific Ocean. Although I never really felt like a Californian during the 19 years we lived there, I do miss the ocean with its multi-colored waters and endless waves. I think that after this move, living two block from the ocean will definitely be a rejuvenating experience.

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Barbara said...

A new home will definitely occupy your time! Cleaning my old home could do the same.