Thursday, April 19, 2007

Office Move

Last fall we were told that our offices would be moving from the District to Crystal City. There is no more contiguous space available in the building on Eye Street.

Well the time has come. All week we have been packing files, desk top items and personal paraphenalia in crates. All systems will be shut down at noon tomorrow and Monday we will arrive in our new offices on Crystal Drive hopeful that our computer systems are up and working, as well as our telephones.

This afternoon our manager said: "If you have everything packed and have activated your new voice mail, you need not come in tomorrow." There were those who scrambled and started tossing things in crates willy nilly and then there were those of us who were packed by noon today, except for whatever we were working on, and a three day weekend awaits us.

The bank is quite civilized and allowed jeans every day this week and even provided a pizza lunch for everyone today. Although my time in the Crystal City offices will be short -- May 31 I retire -- I am looking forward to the walk to work which will start May 1 when I move to a furnished apartment for a month before I move West.


Barbara said...

If you're back at work, that must mean you are feeling better. It's not long now for both of us!

Kate said...

Yes, Barbara, have been working most days for the past two weeks. My wonderful doctor :) gave me great advice. She basically said: Don't set the alarm; wake up naturally; go to work; when you start to flag, go home. My colleagues have been very understanding -- they would rather have me there part of the day than not at all. And yes, am feeling much better; the second antibiotic is working.