Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Flu

To prove how really sick I am and have been since Wednesday night, I just sat through the most boring movie ever created. As I lay on the sofa in a stupor I let this incredibly poor script brought to the screen by some of the world's worst actors wash over me. Since I have been nearly comatose with this flu, moving from bed to couch to kitchen for liquid it was no sign of endurance that I watched the entire film. It was pure lethargy.


Barbara said...

I'm sorry you are so sick. Feel better soon. You've got fun times ahead!

Jack said...

Get well immediately! I rather liked "Metropolitan" when I saw it years ago - maybe it's dated now. That wordy, slightly wooden style gets some getting used to, reminiscent of Eric Rohmer's films. And those preppie upper-class New Yorkers are a bit hard to like.