Monday, February 12, 2007

"Scary Movie 2"

Please link on the title and read the article.

There have been claims and indications that war with Iran was next on the Cheney/Bush agenda but Klugman delves a bit deeper into the basis for such claims.

Truly frightening.

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steve said...

i had to come see who I had made laugh out loud over at barbaras with My Bananas joke...really I was referring to My Blog name, but the other euphemisms were not lost on me...
I am so computer challenged and afraid to sign up for anything that i will decline reading the article just now, but on my computer at work i have an article bookmarked from about 3 months ago that probably talks about much the same thing and it is truly Scary Stuff...the recent leadership/command change to a more tactically aggressive crew and a new naval Battlegroup on the way...
Two more years with Bush is going to seem an eternity and we will be lucky to get through it.