Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Democratic Response

As the link above attests, my Senator rose to the occasion last night. I am embarrrassed to say I missed most of it, so will "read" it now.


Kate said...

Don't know about you, but I thought the speech was excellent and only wish I had heard it "live."

Jack said...

Yes, very impressive. I heard it live on BBC radio during a bout of insomnia. Excuse my Limey ignorance: is D.C. considered part of Virginia for representation in the Senate?

Kate said...

Hi, Jacko.........DC has NO representative in the Senate and a representative in the House who has an ineffectual vote -- i.e, if her vote is needed, it is not counted or some damn thing like that!

Anyway......DC is taxed without representation.

Virginia is a commonwealth in and of itself (aka a state) with 2 Senators and 10 plus representatives in the House of Representatives.

Was that clear as mud?