Saturday, December 09, 2006

Office Holiday Party

I considered not attending this year's office holiday party, but when they moved the venue and I realized it would be my last one with this group of people, I changed my mind and went. I met two colleagues from our NY office about 4 and we headed out to have our hair done. We walked over to Salon Roi on Connecticut and enjoyed 40 minutes of pampering before heading back to the hotel to dress for the party.The Marriott Wardman Park Hotel has been one of my favorite hotels in DC for more than 20 years.

It may have been one of the best holiday parties the bank has ever thrown. The evening began with a cocktail reception including everyone's favorite: the raw bar, as well as hot crab cakes and Peking duck rolls with plum sauce.
After an hour and a half during which people arrived and greeted one another (oohing and ahhhing over how well everyone "cleaned up" for an evening out), we went down to the ballroom for a beautiful buffet supper.

As we made our way along the buffet we were able to create our own salads with crisp greens, poached pears, crumbled blue cheese and a tart, yet sweet vinagrette. Next came rice and/or puff potatoes followed by a choice of baked cod, curried chicken, or sirloin tips in a rich burgundy sauce. After everyone had filled their plates, the buffet tables were cleared to welcome a scrumptious dessert variety including cakes, ice cream, and fruits. The bar was open all evening offering mixed drinks, beers and exceptionally good wines. As we finished dinner, the music started and people took their conversations to the dance floor.

As in prior years, I chose to stay overnight at the hotel. There are enough tipsy drivers out there during this season and I always want to enjoy myself without the insecurity of driving home after cocktails and wine. The Wardman has been and continues to be renovated with much success to my mind at least. The rooms are comfortable with all the appropriate amenities and the staff is cordial and helpful. Some of them have been with the hotel for years.

All in all a nice beginning to the holiday season and I am certainly glad I decided to go. Do you enjoy your work holiday party or is it just something you feel you have to attend?


Barbara said...

This is the difference between the government and private sector! Our holiday party is bowling in Alexandria at lunch time at $19 a head if you bowl and $8 if you just come to eat. That's about as good as it gets. I was salivating over just the appetizers at your party. Consider yourself lucky!

Kate said...

Have always thought I was "lucky," but sorry about the stingy Feds!

Kate said...

Also, Barbara........we are not for profit so $ has to be spent somewhere!