Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flu Shots

I am a great believer in an annual flu shot. In past years my colds/flus have invariably turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. With the availability of shots to ward off or lessen the effects of flu viruses, why not just do it? I assume age is a risk factor in who "catches" the flu -- school children and the elderly are perhaps the most vulnerable and they probably should always get the vaccine.

Every year our Bank has offered the availability of flu shots on site. I may be the first to sign up. I am always amazed at how few people take advantage of this service. This year for the first time my insurance company even covered the cost. There are many health reasons why people do not get this shot -- allergies to the vaccine composition being the most prevalent. But if you are otherwise healthy, why take the chance on being sick for 6-10 days? Not me, for sure. I consider it a type of insurance in itself. True enough no flu shot will cover all the viruses out there, but I survive winter and early spring much easier when I succumb to the needle prick!

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Barbara said...

I never got a flu shot before last year, but at Deborah's suggestion I got one. And again this year. It seems like good insurance. And having just gotten over two weeks of coughing, I am up for just about anything that prevents another cough.